Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Molly turns 4!

Molly's birthday seemed to last 2 weeks, from her party in California, to her actual birthday that we just spent as a family and she opened her presents from us, to her cake and ice-cream party with my family and our good friends, then some extra presents (didn't arrive in time for the party) from Grandma and Grandpa. Let's just say this kid got hooked up.
Molly chose eggs and pancakes for her birthday dinner. Since we didn't eat cake on her actual birthday, we had her blow out some candles in her pan"cake"s. Cute, huh?

The eventual cake. Though we had some drama during the making, it turned out great. I'm so grateful David has some experience working in a cake decorating shop and has an artistic eye. He really helped a lot. Molly was thrilled with the outcome.

California Fun, Part 2

On Wednesday, we went to Happy Hollow Park.  This was a perfect park for a kid Molly's age.  She had so much fun.  They have a little petting zoo, little kid rides, and a fun playground.  We took a ton of pictures, but in interest of time, I'm only showing a few.
One of the first things we did was feed the goats.  It took Molly a little while to warm up to them, but she loved it.
This must have been before the warming up.
One of the little rides.  The funny part was when David hopped on one and rode around with Molly.
Molly and her cousin Lily.  These two had so much fun together.
The whole gang except for Grammy and Grampy, who is taking the picture. 
This is where Emma spent most of the day.  She did so well.
Emma getting loves from Grammy.

One of the funniest things was watching Molly's emotional evolution concerning the roller coaster.  I was actually surprised with the intensity of it for a kiddie-coaster.  It gave some pretty good thrills.  Molly was so excited to go on, and the first time, she just screamed...not screamed cried, but from terror.  In the first few pictures, you can kind-of see her face and how scared she is.  But the fun thing about Molly is she still loved it, and wanted to go again and again.  The last time she went, David went with her and caught a picture of her face during the ride.  Priceless.

On Friday, Grammy put on a birthday party for Molly, since her birthday was the next week.  We went to a fun park with a playground and some sand, and had a picnic lunch of mac and cheese and fruit. It was a great chance for Molly to see a lot of cousins (who are actually second cousins), and celebrate her birthday.  Only bummer is, she was pretty sick.  She had a fever off and on, and was just not feeling very well.  But she was a great sport, and of course loved opening presents.

Cute caterpillar cake made by Grammy, with just a little help from me.
We sure enjoyed our trip to California.  We had so much fun, and loved visiting with people we haven't seen in a few years.  We only hope to be able to make it out again soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Our sweet Molly turns 4 today!  Wow, where have the years gone?  This precious girl is one of the best things that has ever happened to us, and we love her so much. 
May 11, 2007
7 months
1 year
2 Years
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4 Years

Monday, May 9, 2011

California Fun, Part 1

On Saturday we returned home from a great trip to California to visit David's parents and extended family.  We had a great time, and did a lot of really fun things.  Here's a low-down of the first part of our week in Cali:

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and had an amazing dinner of ribs and veggies.  On Sunday we went to church, then had family dinner at David's Grandma's house.  It had been 2 and 1/2 years since the last time we were in California, so it was great to see people.

On Monday, we hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  We took along Molly's little cousin Lily, and the two girls had a blast together looking at all the cool fish, and playing in the kid's area.  We've been wanting to go to the Aquarium for some time now, and it was well worth it!
Molly loved the area where you could touch the rays and the star fish.  She's definitely a hands-on girl!
In the "wave" tunnel.
Silly girls.  Of course we didn't get one picture where any of them were looking at the camera.
Aw, what a cute family, right?
After the aquarium, we headed to the beach.  Molly has been begging to go to a beach for I don't know how long, so we knew if we did anything in California, the beach was a must.  And of course, she loved it.  We wanted to go again later in the week, but Molly ended up getting sick. 
Molly and Lily got right to work in the sand.  Someone left them a big hole to play nice of them!
Emma stuck with me...she didn't venture in to the sand this time.  I'm OK with that.
Grampy and the grand-girls.

On Tuesday we hung out around home and I had the chance that afternoon to do some hair-cuts.  That's always fun for me.  Coming up later...Happy Hollow and Molly's birthday party.