Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Molly turns 4!

Molly's birthday seemed to last 2 weeks, from her party in California, to her actual birthday that we just spent as a family and she opened her presents from us, to her cake and ice-cream party with my family and our good friends, then some extra presents (didn't arrive in time for the party) from Grandma and Grandpa. Let's just say this kid got hooked up.
Molly chose eggs and pancakes for her birthday dinner. Since we didn't eat cake on her actual birthday, we had her blow out some candles in her pan"cake"s. Cute, huh?

The eventual cake. Though we had some drama during the making, it turned out great. I'm so grateful David has some experience working in a cake decorating shop and has an artistic eye. He really helped a lot. Molly was thrilled with the outcome.


Danielle said...

I love the cake! You guys have got some talent.

Chelsea said...

What an awesome cake. Want to help me make Madelyn a cake for her birthday this year??