Saturday, June 25, 2011


David just got back last night from a business trip to Germany. Yeah, I know what you're thinking..."and you didn't go with him!?!" Believe me, I wanted to. And hopefully some year, I will. For now, I just have to live vicariously through some of the pictures David took.

The second day of the trip, David and his boss and a few co-workers walked around a small lake, hoping to go to a restaurant on the edge of the lake for dinner. It happened to be closed, but they still got to enjoy the pretty scenery.

David wasn't able to go to church in Germany like he had wanted to, but he did take a run next to the chapel there and got a picture of their sign.
I can't read it, but I think it looks cool!
A trip to Kiel for a festival. This boat is restored from the 13th century!

This is the plant in Germany for the company David works for.
A hands-on demonstration of how the pumps and motors that the company makes are operated.

Since we are big fans of Aldi, and they are from Germany, David of course had to visit the real thing.

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Chelsea said...

I had know idea Aldi's was from Germany!! I learned something today:)

It looks like he had a good time!