Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emma 9 months

So, I've been a little remiss is picture taking and blog posting lately.  These past few months have been a little crazy.  We moved at the end of July, and I've been trying to get used to this new calling of Young Women's president, and then adding two kids into the mix, you can pretty much get the picture. (No pun intended.)  Needless to say, I can barely believe that my little Emma is 9 months old.  Here's a little of what she's been up to the last little bit.
Emma still adores her big sister Molly.

Emma still loves playing and rolling on the floor.  She is very content to just be on her own and entertain herself, something I never enjoyed with Molly.
Molly and Emma both adore their Grandpa and Grandma.  Emma is not shy of strangers...yet.  She does really well when others hold her, and she loves to smile at everyone. 
She's finally sitting up!!  At 8 1/2 months I had almost given up hope, but she's finally decided sitting isn't so bad.
Can't get enough of that smile!
In the last few weeks, Emma has taken some big strides in the eating solid foods area.  She'll actually eat now instead of take 2 bites then lock her lips together.  I've discovered she would much rather eat store-bought baby food than homemade, which drives me a little crazy.  Her favorites are chicken noodle, and carrots. 
This is what happens these days whenever we try to change Emma's diaper.  We have to make sure she's holding something that will distract her from moving around, otherwise it ends up being quite the circus act.
Oh-well, at least she's cute.

Her nine month appointment is next week, so we'll find out her stats then.  A couple other random tid-bits about our crazy Emma:
   * She still gets up twice a night for a bottle.  She seems genuinely hungry and goes right back to sleep when she's done, so I don't have the heart to make her cry it out yet.  I'll see what the Dr. says next week about it.
   *She's working on her first tooth, and it's not been fun.  It's taking forever for it to pop through, but I'm so anxious for my normal Emma to be back.
   *We call Emma "spider-monkey" because she loves to use her feet like an extra pair of hands.  I've never been able to get a decent picture or video of it, but it's pretty dang adorable, and I've never seen anything quite like it.
   *Because she constantly loves to kick against furniture and jump in her jumper, she has the strongest pair of legs.  We were at my parent's house the other day, and she was laying on the floor with her feet against an arm-chair.  Not like a kitchen chair, but an actual up-holstered arm-chair that my parents have in the living room.  She started pushing her feet against it and was actually lifting the chair up off the floor.  
   *Emma loves to hold conversations with people by shrieking back and forth.  It's pretty cute when Molly gets Emma to do it with her.  Emma has also started imitating smacking her lips.  


Chelsea said...

What a stinkin cutie! I just can't get enough of that smile!!! Madelyn just went nuts when I showed her these pictures:)

Tracy said...

She really is so adorable! I wish I could get to know her more!! That smile is irresistible. Hang in there with the new calling and all, you are amazing and very capable.

Danielle said...

Your girls are some of the cutest I've seen. Emma has a smile to die for!