Saturday, January 22, 2011

Emma: 2 Months

Emma is 2 months old today. She is such a little joy, and we love her so much. She had her two month appointment yesterday, and got some shots, so last night and today have been a little rough, but usually she is a happy and content baby, easy to calm. And dare I say she is a cutie? Here are her stats from yesterday:

Weight: 10 lbs 5 oz
Height: 22 and 3/4 in.
Head: 38.4 cm

Some pictures from today: (we're finally catching some of those elusive smiles...)
All that posing and smiling for the camera really wears a baby out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smarty Pants

Molly's newest obsession is writing. She loves to get out her pencil and a piece of scratch paper, then ask us how to write random words. She has done this so much that she pretty much knows how to write all of her letters now. She can also write Molly, Emma, Momma, and Daddy all on her own without asking for spelling. Though sometimes it drives me crazy spelling words to her all day long, I'm so grateful that she loves to learn. It makes teaching her so much easier.

A week or so ago she asked to write on her dry-erase board. Instead of random words, we decided to write a little bit about her. Here's what she came up with...and she wrote the whole thing by herself. She just had to ask me for the letters. Way to go, Molly!
Please excuse the messy hair...we hadn't gotten around to doing it yet that day.
Molly has also started a gymnastics class. She is in heaven! Today was her second day. David took her, and this is the conversation they had when she was done. (It's like pulling teeth trying to get any information from this girl...which is ironic, because it seems like she never stops talking...)

David: So what did you do in your gymnastics class?
Molly: I don't know.
David: Did you run around?
Molly: No.
David: Did you jump up and down?
Molly: Nope.
David: Did you have fun?
Molly: YEAH!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blessing Pictures

We did some blessing pictures of Emma in the studio a couple of weeks ago.  Though I wasn't overly impressed with the photographer, we happened to get a few cute shots, and that's all that matters, right?  Here are our favorites:

I decided to get a few naked shots while we were there, but by this time, Emma had pretty much had enough, so in all the pictures she was making some pretty funny faces.  This is one such example.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2011!  We're excited for the start of a new year, and are hopeful that this year will be a little less eventful than last year.  2010 brought for us a new job, a pregnancy, a move to a new state, a major accident, a loss of said new job, and a new member of our family.  We're tired!  But we had a great Christmas and New Years with family, and are grateful for the extra opportunity to turn our hearts to Christ.  We are truly blessed.

We are all enjoying our beautiful little Emma.  She is such a sweet baby, and pretty calm and content for the most part.  Molly continues to be a gentle and loving big sister. 
This is a common position for Emma...her hands are constantly up by her face, almost as if to guard out all the chaos!
Molly finally got her wish...we got snow!  It was too cold for the first few days we had it, and she had a cold, so we kept inside, but she finally got the opportunity to go outside and play for a while.  She was in heaven.  I don't think she even realized she was freezing!  The snow wasn't right for snowmen, so that's the next thing on her list...a good snow so she can build Frosty.  Hopefully that will be coming soon.

We had a great Christmas Eve with my family in Urbandale.  Included was a delicious dinner, taking a walk to deliver my family's final 12 Days of Christmas gift (talk about cold!), reading the nativity, and a "concert" that included my two sisters and me.  Christmas morning we spent here at home and opened presents, then had a second Christmas with my family at their house.  We're so happy to live near family!

A couple of days after Christmas, David's parents came to visit and to meet Emma for the first time.  It was so fun to have them here.  We played games constantly.  They even babysat for David and me to have an anniversary dinner out...happy 7 years to us!  We were so sad to see them go.
Emma and her Grampy.  Doesn't she look comfortable?
Sunday was a big day for us.  Molly had her first day in Primary, and Emma was blessed.  We've been prepping Molly on entering primary for quite a while, letting her know that she would no longer be in Nursery, but would be a Sunbeam.  At first her response was "I don't WANT to be a Sunbeam!", but she quickly got on board with the idea.  She seemed to have a great time.  I can't believe my little girl is in Primary!

It seemed like Emma knew she was in the spotlight that day.  She was a little out of sorts the whole day.  It was interesting trying to take pictures, but we did get a few good ones. 
Emma with Grandma and Grandpa Yourstone.
Emma with Grammy and Grampy Isaacson.
A four generation picture with Emma's great Grandpa Yourstone.

Emma and her proud parents.
We have pictures exactly like this of Molly in this blessing dress.
Emma is now six weeks old.  Just in the last week she's started smiling and responding to us.  It has been so much fun trying to get her to smile.  Of course, we haven't quite caught it on camera yet, but we'll keep trying!
Yes, she does have a left hand, it's just hiding in her sleeve.  Too funny!