Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Molly turns 5!

Well, Hi!  Yes, we're well aware that it's been a while since we've been around.  Our sincere apologies.  Life, though not necessarily eventful, has been busy.  But, we've heard some grumbling from grandparents (I think they are the only ones that read this...if you are not our grandparents and would like to show us you stopped by, maybe that would motivate us to post more.  Just kidding.  Though rest assured I do still keep up with everyone else s' blogs).  Anyway, hopefully over the next little while we can catch you up on some of the fun things that have actually gone on around here.

The latest and craziest was Molly's 5th birthday.  We got to celebrate her birthday over two days, and had a blast.  Last Friday, her actual birthday, we went to the park with some friends and had a little picnic, then went out for Chinese food as a family for dinner.  Molly loves her some Chinese noodles!
Of course, she also loves the desert.
When we got home, we hopped on Skype with Grammy and opened presents.  This year we did a tradition that my mom did for us kids growing up.  I hid her presents, and each one had a clue that told her where the next one was.  Molly thought that was pretty fun.  She got some fun things, including bike streamers and a hula hoop she was excited to try out right away.

I gave Molly the choice this year if she wanted to have a friend birthday party, or a party with just family.  I thought it was so sweet that all she wanted was to have all the family together.  And they were nice enough to comply!  We decided to save the cake for then, so that night after the girls got in bed, David and I started it.  These Wilton cakes are quickly becoming our birthday tradition, and I've enjoyed making them.  Here's the cake Molly chose this year:
The next day we went to a near-by park and had our cookout family birthday party with Grandpa and Grandma Yourstone, Aunts Krista, Kamila, and Katie and Uncle Aaron. It was such a perfect day, we couldn't have asked for any better.

Grandma picked up a little something for Emma too.  She got right to work.

What kid doesn't love the whole "open a big present to find a bunch more presents" trick?
That's my girl.

Finally cake time!  Molly had to pretend to blow out the candles, the breeze wasn't very cooperative.
The cutest little sister ever!

Can't believe my Molly is 5!  I'm so happy to have her as my daughter.  I love you, Molly!


Colby and Steph said...

What a fun birthday!!!! Happy birthday to Molly. I love the cake you did a great job!!

Tracy said...

She looks like she was just so happy celebrating her big day! Can you believe she'll be in kindergarten?!

And yes I still read your blog and I have noticed the lack in posts, but I really can't say much myself :)

dalajajaka said...

I read your blog too! Its fun for me to feel like I get to know your cute little family since we live far away.