Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Broken bones

On Mother's Day, two days after her birthday, Molly broke her collar-bone.  Grandma and I were standing right with her as she played on some gymnastic type rings on Grandma's playground at her house.  Molly's hand slipped and she fell on her shoulder.  She cried, of course, but settled down fairly quickly so I thought it was probably just banged up pretty good.  That night, though, she had a hard time sleeping and complained of pain in her shoulder.  Monday morning I took her in the Dr. and she had an X-Ray which confirmed the break.

Molly was a trooper through the four weeks of wearing the brace.  It was right after her birthday so she couldn't play with her new scooter, and she couldn't go swimming when the water park opened.  It was hard, but she was a good sport.  It's all healed now, so we've been able to make up for lost time.

I didn't get many pictures of her brace that she had to wear, but on Memorial day I finally got a couple.  She had to wear the brace at all times, even while sleeping.

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