Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kansas City

It feels like forever ago already, but in late April we were able to take a little weekend trip to Kansas City to visit the new Temple and attend the open house.  This is the first time in over 8 years of marriage that we have taken a trip just for us (that hasn't included other family, or been to see other family).  We hit some church history sights on the way, played in the hotel pool, and of course walked through the temple.  We hope to go back to a lot of these places in a couple of weeks when David's parents and sister come visit us.

First stop, Adam Ondi Ahman.

Enjoying our picnic lunch of the day.

We then went to Liberty Jail.  I've been there a few times, but this was the first time for David and Molly.  It's always a neat experience, and Molly seemed pretty fascinated.

That evening we had fun at our hotel pool, went out to eat, and just played around.  The next morning we attended the open house.  Molly was so thrilled that she could finally go inside a temple, though she was a little bothered by the shoe covers they make you wear.  Emma was feisty during the whole thing as expected, but a wonderful experience over all.

 We then headed to Independence to check out the visitor's center.  We were also going to go to the RLDS church's temple that is right across the street, but we still wanted to go to the zoo, so we decided to wait until next time.  Molly is very excited to go back to the little pioneer play room in the visitor's center.

Can't wait to go back and visit even more Church history places!

That night before heading home we spent a couple of hours at the Kansas City Zoo.  We all had a lot of fun there, and Molly was ecstatic seeing the flamingos, which have been her favorite animal for a while now. 

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