Friday, June 22, 2012

Molly's haircut

Molly sees me cut hair all the time.  I've tried to prepare myself for the day I knew would eventually come because of that fact...the day Molly decided to cut her own hair.  A couple of weeks ago it did finally come, and I have to say I'm very proud of myself for how I handled it.  I didn't have near the meltdown I always envisioned for myself. 

The story goes like so (inasmuch as Molly tells me): a neighbor was letting her kids play with scissors outside (this is actual fact, I saw them be put away after all this happened.  I'm not sure what said mother was thinking...)  Anyway, they were left outside, and Molly and her friend Jefferson were playing.  They were making a pretend cake, I'm not sure out of what, and they wanted to put sprinkles on the cake, so Molly cut off the end of her ponytail so they could have sprinkles.  When Molly came inside from playing, it took me a little while to notice her shorter ponytail.  Once I did, I only screamed once, then tried to figure out the damage.  We ended up having to cut off about 6 inches to even it out.  I actually think in the end it was a good thing, and her hair still has some cute curl.

These are not the best pictures, they are taken from my iPod, but they serve the purpose.

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