Monday, August 27, 2012

Molly starts Kindergarten

It seems like a lot of the mothers I know and am friends with have kids starting kindergarten this fall.  I can't believe we all have kids that old...or that I'm old enough to have a kid that old!  Molly has been looking forward to this day all summer long.

Showing off the backpack.
Cute sisters!
Molly's teacher is Mrs. Kenyon.  We went to her school last week for what they call Kindergarten Glimpses, where we dropped her school supplies off and met her teacher, and got comfortable with her classroom.  I think being able to see everything and meet her teacher made it all real for Molly, and helped her get excited and not nervous.

Today I was taking a class of my own for Cosmetology ConEd, so my Mom came up to help me with keeping an eye on Emma and picking Molly up from school.  We all walked to school together, and Molly was practically running she was so excited.  As she was heading in the doors, she gave me a big thumbs up.  I'm so proud of what a big girl she is.

Molly had a great first day.  She made friends with another Molly in her class, and her favorite things were rest time (because they got to lay down on their towels and read books) and recess.  I was sad I wasn't able to be there to pick her up on her very first day of school, but I'm so happy my Mom is close by that she could fill in for me. 

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