Saturday, October 27, 2012

One down...

On Oct. 5th, Molly lost her first tooth.  Let's just summarize by saying it was a stressful couple of days while it was on its way out.  Molly wouldn't let me come near her, would actually run away if I came close whether I was wanting to check the tooth or not, and constantly complained of it hurting.  The message "it will stop hurting once it comes out!!!" was not received well.  Finally, in the morning before school, after tears during breakfast, I said "Molly, that's it, I'm taking it out." One little tug and it was out, much to everyone's relief. 

How many more of these do we have to do, again?

The tooth fairy left $1 and a sweet little note.  Wasn't that nice of her?

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Tracy said...

Hurray for toothless Molly! Maybe she will be less dramatic with the others? Amy is still waiting to get a loose tooth.

And btw, nice couches!