Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Molly quote

Molly has been a little difficult for us lately.  The other night she bumped Emma somehow and made her cry, but was refusing to apologize.  We tried explaining that even if it was an accident, she still needed to say she was sorry, so she went up to Emma and said "Emma, I'm sorry that you hurt yourself." 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Molly's haircut

Molly sees me cut hair all the time.  I've tried to prepare myself for the day I knew would eventually come because of that fact...the day Molly decided to cut her own hair.  A couple of weeks ago it did finally come, and I have to say I'm very proud of myself for how I handled it.  I didn't have near the meltdown I always envisioned for myself. 

The story goes like so (inasmuch as Molly tells me): a neighbor was letting her kids play with scissors outside (this is actual fact, I saw them be put away after all this happened.  I'm not sure what said mother was thinking...)  Anyway, they were left outside, and Molly and her friend Jefferson were playing.  They were making a pretend cake, I'm not sure out of what, and they wanted to put sprinkles on the cake, so Molly cut off the end of her ponytail so they could have sprinkles.  When Molly came inside from playing, it took me a little while to notice her shorter ponytail.  Once I did, I only screamed once, then tried to figure out the damage.  We ended up having to cut off about 6 inches to even it out.  I actually think in the end it was a good thing, and her hair still has some cute curl.

These are not the best pictures, they are taken from my iPod, but they serve the purpose.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reiman Gardens

The University here has a Garden that you can go and walk through.  We've been a few times, and the girls love wandering around.  A few months ago David saw that they were having an exhibit by a guy that does Lego sculptures, so of course we had to visit.  It was actually really neat, and we had fun searching for all the different sculptures throughout the gardens.
A butterfly next to their butterfly garden. 

A case you were curious.

These are bells that they are jumping on.  Very fun.

Yup, the lawnmower is made of legos.

Nope, these two are for reals.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Memorial Day

David and I have loved living close to family the last couple of years, one of the reasons being able to do get togethers for holidays.  It never has to be a big effort, just something like meet at a park and have a cook-out.  But we always have a lot of fun.

On Memorial day we met up with my family at Ledges state park.  We had yummy food, of course, then went walking in the stream that runs through the park.  We thought Emma might not like that too much, since she's been a little shy of water lately, so we didn't even bring her swim suit.  But of course she fooled us like she usually does and had an absolute blast.  Molly was still wearing her brace from her broken collar-bone, but she still had fun, too.

Broken bones

On Mother's Day, two days after her birthday, Molly broke her collar-bone.  Grandma and I were standing right with her as she played on some gymnastic type rings on Grandma's playground at her house.  Molly's hand slipped and she fell on her shoulder.  She cried, of course, but settled down fairly quickly so I thought it was probably just banged up pretty good.  That night, though, she had a hard time sleeping and complained of pain in her shoulder.  Monday morning I took her in the Dr. and she had an X-Ray which confirmed the break.

Molly was a trooper through the four weeks of wearing the brace.  It was right after her birthday so she couldn't play with her new scooter, and she couldn't go swimming when the water park opened.  It was hard, but she was a good sport.  It's all healed now, so we've been able to make up for lost time.

I didn't get many pictures of her brace that she had to wear, but on Memorial day I finally got a couple.  She had to wear the brace at all times, even while sleeping.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kansas City

It feels like forever ago already, but in late April we were able to take a little weekend trip to Kansas City to visit the new Temple and attend the open house.  This is the first time in over 8 years of marriage that we have taken a trip just for us (that hasn't included other family, or been to see other family).  We hit some church history sights on the way, played in the hotel pool, and of course walked through the temple.  We hope to go back to a lot of these places in a couple of weeks when David's parents and sister come visit us.

First stop, Adam Ondi Ahman.

Enjoying our picnic lunch of the day.

We then went to Liberty Jail.  I've been there a few times, but this was the first time for David and Molly.  It's always a neat experience, and Molly seemed pretty fascinated.

That evening we had fun at our hotel pool, went out to eat, and just played around.  The next morning we attended the open house.  Molly was so thrilled that she could finally go inside a temple, though she was a little bothered by the shoe covers they make you wear.  Emma was feisty during the whole thing as expected, but a wonderful experience over all.

 We then headed to Independence to check out the visitor's center.  We were also going to go to the RLDS church's temple that is right across the street, but we still wanted to go to the zoo, so we decided to wait until next time.  Molly is very excited to go back to the little pioneer play room in the visitor's center.

Can't wait to go back and visit even more Church history places!

That night before heading home we spent a couple of hours at the Kansas City Zoo.  We all had a lot of fun there, and Molly was ecstatic seeing the flamingos, which have been her favorite animal for a while now. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Pics

 My sister is a photographer in the making, so I asked her to take some pictures of the girls for their 18 month and 5 year milestones.  No easy task, as we quickly learned, but we did get some good ones.  Here are some of the favorites.  Thanks, Kamila!

These next few I just have to put on here because they show Emma so well.  She definitely kept us laughing the whole time.